Rose Community Legacy Circle

Rose Community Legacy Circle is a group of individuals who have chosen to leave a bequest or other type of planned gift to Rose Community Foundation. While they have different reasons for including a charitable gift in their future planning, they all share a common appreciation for our leadership in grantmaking and expertise in fund management and philanthropic services.

Many bequest donors choose to make an unrestricted gift for the Foundation to direct towards the community’s most pressing needs in the future. Most of these individuals are relying on our oversight and due diligence to help them achieve their charitable goals even after their lifetime. For example, some donors establish or add to a donor-advised fund to perpetuate their family’s tradition of philanthropy. Others designate a specific area of community need or interest or nonprofit organization(s) as the beneficiary of a fund held at the Foundation. A few have chosen to create an endowment fund for one or more specific nonprofit organizations.

Living Legacy Tapestry

Irit Waldbaum and her granddaugther view the Living Legacy TapestryTo recognize and honor our legacy donors, we created the Living Legacy Tapestry, an artistic archive of the donors’ values and experiences that have informed their philanthropy and dedication to community.

On display in our lobby, the Tapestry is made up of images of photographs, documents and items of personal significance provided by the legacy donors. Intended to represent the first 100 legacy donors to the Foundation, the Tapestry will evolve and grow as Rose Community Legacy Circle welcomes new donors.

The artists of the Living Legacy Tapestry are Leah Sobsey and Lynn Bregman Blass of

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If you have included Rose Community Foundation in your future planning, please let us know so that we can invite you to participate in the Living Legacy Tapestry and honor your intentions in the future. For more information about leaving a legacy gift to Rose Community Foundation, please contact Vicki Dansky. To learn more about different types of planned gifts and for specific bequest language for Rose Community Foundation, visit our charitable gift planning tools.

Rose Community Legacy Circle Members

Mark J. and Enid M. Ablowitz
Milroy and Sheryl Alexander
Judy Altenberg
Jennifer Atler Fischer
Lawrence A. Atler and Marilyn VanDerbur Atler
Ellen Beller
David* and Zita* Brant
Rick and Sheila* Bugdanowitz
Bill Clarke
Lisa Reckler Cohn
Mark Cordova
Mary Gittings Cronin
The Curtiss-Lusher Family
David and Vicki Dansky
Fred and Maxine Davine
Barbara Mellman Davis
Richard E. and Rae Ann Dougherty
Jeff and Therese Ellery
Kenneth and Sheryl Feiler
Marshall Fogel
Stephanie Foote
Charles and Anne Garcia
Thomas and Marjorie Gart
Jerry Glick and Shannon Gifford
Katherine Gold
The Goldberg Family
Margery Goldman
Lynda Mallinoff Goldstein
Jonathan and Julia Gordon
Martin C.* and Renee Gross
Lauren Handler and John Silva
Mark and Joan Henneberry
Lisa Herschli
Barry and Arlene Hirschfeld
Mark Hockenberg
Elsa Holguín-Lucero and Edward Lucero
Sarah Indyk and Charlie Miller
Michael and Dianne Jacobsen
Robert R. Janowski, M.D. and Phillip A. Nash
Larry and Helayne Jones
Ron and Gale Kahn
Rob and Kathy Klugman
David and Judy Koff
Brad and Lisa Kornfeld
Rick K. Kornfeld and Julie A. Malek
Donald and Mary Lou Kortz
Steven and Elizabeth Kris
Hilreth Lanig
Indira S. Lanig, M.D.
Gaye Leonard
Scott and Laure Levin
Steven and Diane Levine
Marc P. Levine
Myra Levy*
Norman Levy*
Arthur* and Terry* McAlarney
Evan and Evi Makovsky
Bobbi Lou Miller
Lisa Farber Miller
Sue Miller
Elaine Millman*
Larry and Carol Mizel
Ron and Naomi Montoya
Kathy Neustadt
Neil and Barb Oberfeld
Jordon* and Essie Perlmutter
Patrice (Hall) Pierce
David* and Helene Pollock
Joanne Posner-Mayer
Dean Prina, M.D.
Gerald M. Quiat*
Melinda Quiat
Eddie and Susan Robinson
John and Lisa Robinson
Richard and Marcia Robinson
Mona Rosenberg
Jay Schusterman and Mary Lee
Nichole E. Scott
Kate Shea and Sue Cobb
Miriam Sherman*
Jim and Debbie Shmerling
The Shogan Family
Martin H. and Judith Shore
Darlene Silver
Robert and Dale Silverberg
William S. Silvers, M.D.
Terry L. Smith
Allan and Helena Striker
Richard Tucker*
Liz Ullman
Art and Irit Waldbaum
Graig Weisbart and Shanti Chacko
Dave and Carolyn Wollard
Gary and Teresa Yourtz
Anonymous (7)

* Of blessed memory