Will Rose Community Foundation staff discuss ideas before submission?

Yes, we encourage grantseekers to contact program staff if they are unsure whether the program or project fits our program priorities. If you are unsure about whom to call, contact the grants manager at 303.398.7446 or at krojas@rcfdenver.org.

Does Rose Community Foundation have deadlines for applications?

No. Our staff reviews applications as they are received. In general, the Foundation completes the grant decision-making process within four months after receiving a complete application, or within six months for capital requests.

Does Rose Community Foundation accept the Colorado Common Grant Application?

No. As of January 1, 2010, we no longer accept the Colorado Common Grant Application. As of September 9, 2013, we launched a new application and an online application system. Read more about submitting your application.

Is there a standard format for applications?

Yes. Our application is online. Potential applicants should visit the online application system to create an account and log in to review the application questions and required uploads. Or, preview the grant application question list for your specific request in PDF format:

Where can I find help with creating an account and using the online grant application system?

First, read the applicant tutorial document and/or watch the tutorial videos provided by our online application vendor, Foundant Technologies. If you still have questions or need assistance, contact Kelli Rojas at krojas@rcfdenver.org, 303.398.7446 or our main line 303.398.7400 during business hours. If you have trouble after hours, save your application and leave a message for Mark. He will return your email or call during business hours.

How do I apply?

As of September 9, 2013, all applications must be submitted online using our online application system and our new application format. No former applications will be accepted and we will not accept applications via email, US mail or in person. Organizations whose applications were in process before this date should contact their program officer for instructions.

What is a budget narrative?

Briefly, it is an explanation of any significant budget item. This narrative helps our staff understand why the applicant needs the funds requested and how the funds will be used. View a sample budget narrative (PDF).

How many requests may I submit?

Organizations may have one application pending at any given time. Exceptions are made for collaborative applications submitted on behalf of two or more organizations, individual schools within the same school district and departments of universities. Occasionally, we may initiate special grant programs that are exempt from the one-application limit. This exclusion will be outlined in the request for proposals for that particular grant program.

For how much should we apply?

Organizations should submit applications requesting a reasonable amount of financial support for efforts that most closely match our priorities. We are rarely the sole funder of a project and encourage applicants to develop a variety of individual, government and private funding sources for projects. Applicants are welcome to call a program officer to discuss the size of a grant request before it is proposed.

May I submit a multi year grant?

Yes. We recognize that some types of programs and projects can be more successful when a grant is awarded for a specific period of time, which may be longer than one year. However, we rarely fund projects for a period longer than three years. A budget and budget narrative must be submitted for each year requested.

If my organization has received grants in the past, are there limitations to how many years we can receive grants?

No. Consecutive-year funding requests are considered on a case-by-case basis.

Does my organization or project have to be located in the Greater Denver area?

We accept applications for programs that serve the seven-county Greater Denver area of Adams, Arapahoe, Boulder, Broomfield, Denver, Douglas and Jefferson Counties. Programs with a broader geographic focus may apply, however, the application must address its relevance to and impact on people living within these seven counties.

Do I need to choose the program area to which I apply?

We request that applicants consult with a program officer prior to choosing a grant program area. Review each program area's grant guidelines to determine which program area most easily fits. If you aren't sure, contact the grants manager. On occasion, a grant will fit within multiple program areas and multiple program officers will work with your organization. Grants are officially assigned to a program officer or program officers upon receipt of the application.

What happens after I submit a grant application?

We consider receipt of your application the beginning of a relationship. Once your application is complete and addresses a priority within our grantmaking program, it will be assigned to program staff for review. A program officer will speak with you further and may request a meeting. In the course of the application review, applicants are also requested to share with the program officer any new information that may significantly affect the proposed project.

How long does the review process take?

We generally respond to grant requests within four months after receiving a complete application, or within six months for capital requests.

How will my organization know if its application has been approved?

The program officer will contact you after a decision is made.

What can I expect after my organization’s application has been approved?

We will email you an award letter and a "General Grant Terms, Conditions and Understandings" agreement. This outlines the payment and reporting schedule as well as other pertinent details and requirements.

Will I need to turn in reports?

If you are awarded a grant, we require a final status report one month following the end of the grant period. Interim reports may also be required. All reporting requirements are outlined in the grant agreement. Organizations whose applications were in process before September 24, 2013 should contact their program officer for reporting instructions. Otherwise, organizations are required to submit all reports using the online system.

If I know members of Rose Community Foundation's board of trustees or program committees, does it increase the likelihood that my application will be approved if I contact them?

No. In fact, we have a policy encouraging all trustees and committee members to refer all calls regarding grant requests to program staff. View our Conflict of Interest Policy (PDF) for more information about how we handle potential conflicts.

Does Rose Community Foundation fund capital campaigns?

Yes. In general, a capital project will be considered for funding only if it addresses a priority within our program areas. Interest in funding capital projects varies by program area. Organizations must first submit a one-page introduction letter outlining the project for our program staff to review prior to submitting an application. Learn more about our capital grant eligibility guidelines and application process.