Designated Funds

Often, a donor wishes to support a specific nonprofit organization or a particular aspect of community life. A designated fund can be established to provide an ongoing, reliable and permanent stream of operating support for the nonprofit organizations and community causes that the donor cares about.

Once established, grants are made annually from the fund, and Rose Community Foundation's staff monitors the fund to honor the fund holder’s philanthropic intentions in perpetuity. We offer individualized service, strategies and deep community knowledge to help designated fund holders carry out their philanthropic goals and find ways to increase each fund’s impact.

View a current list of designated funds held at the Foundation.

Why Open a Designated Fund at Rose Community Foundation?

Easy – Open your designated fund with a minimum contribution of $10,000 and qualify for an immediate tax deduction.

Flexible – Add to your fund and make grants at any time.

Personal – Establish a fund that reflects the organizations and causes that you care about.

Efficient – We handle all the administrative tasks of achieving your philanthropic goals.

Enduring – Make a long-term impact in an area of interest that is important to you.

Investment Options – Designated fund assets can be commingled with our professionally managed portfolio or you may choose an investment allocation for your fund.

Expertise – Our experienced staff will work with you to create your own unique fund and provide in-depth knowledge about nonprofit organizations both in and outside the Greater Denver community.

We’re here to offer individualized service and strategies to help you carry out your goals and suggest ways to increase your impact through exclusive donor communications, workshops and special events.

Ready to Open a Designated Fund?

View our Designated Fund Guidelines (DOC) and Designated Fund Agreement (DOC) documents. For more information, or to discuss how we can support your philanthropy, please contact Vicki Dansky.

For designated funds for nonprofit organizations, review our Nonprofit Organization Designated Fund Guidelines (doc) and Nonprofit Organization Designated Fund Agreement (doc) documents. Learn more about traditional endowment funds for nonprofit organizations.